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The Chemistry is right

If dispersion waste water, waste water from cooling circuits and boiler circuits, waste water from cathodic electro-coating, waste water with heavy metal or organic contamination – all the different kinds and concentrations of waste water require individual solutions. 

Liquid Splitting Agents
Breaking up by means of charge neutralization, chemical activation in recirculation systems.
Application: Emulsions of all kinds, e.g. paint, dispersion, washing water, water-based paint.

to inhibit nasty odors and rot infestations of water by the use of aerobic/anaerobic bacteria.

Application: Circulation water in washing out systems for paint (coagulation systems), cooling-water circulations etc... Maximum results are obtained even with low concentrations. 

Defoaming Agents
Prevents unwanted foaming
Application: e.g. coagulation stations, soak cleaning stations

Reaction Splitting Agents
Individual splitting agents for flushing and waste water of all kinds.
Application: Batch and cycling water treatment for dye containing waste water, oil-containing emulsions or heavy metal precipitions. 

Coagulation agents
Unbonding of lacquer finishing and bonding systems; cleans pumps and pipelines permanently; high decrease of waste disposal and cleaning costs.
Application: Paint spray systems with water ripple, circulation water systems

Emulsion splitting agents / Demulsifiers  
Application: To split emulsion in waste water treatment systems

Heavy Metal precipitants/Complex Splitting Agents  
Application: For the treatment of waste water containing heavy metal.

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