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Industrial Waste Water Treatment -
No trouble whatsoever for SAB

Being a full-service supplier for waste water treatment or environmental disposal of industrial sewage, SAB Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offers ideal solutions for the treatment of process, cooling or circulating water. All of our methods comply with statutory regulations.   

For this purpose SAB developments and produces special chemicals which dissolve e.g. oil, paints, lacquers, chemicals, toxins and metal traces away from water. The resulting industrial sludge at this point can be depolluted professionally by SAB. We are a certified waste management company in compliance with the German environmental and quality standards: § 52 KrW-/AbfG.

SAB- Waste Water Treatment: Flexible use for any industrial sector
This flexible method permits SAB to solve various waste water problems of individual branches. SAB is your key to an individual waste water treatment which aligns with the specific circumstances of your branch and of your company.